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" We Belive in Hard Work " At Red Barn, We don't Stop, we keep pushing our limit.

Product & Services.


Our amazing research team has developed cutting-edge bio-stimulant formulas that are revolutionizing farming worldwide! With our guaranteed 100% bio-available minerals and specially selected organic acids, your aquaculture production will skyrocket, boosting both your bottom line and product quality. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and experience the benefits for yourself

Water Quality Test

We understand the importance of maintaining optimal water quality and healthy shrimp populations. To ensure the best possible results, we conduct comprehensive water quality tests to measure mineral levels and identify any potential issues that may affect your shrimp. In addition, we also perform thorough disease assessments to proactively monitor and mitigate any health risks to your shrimp. Trust us to provide the expert analysis and guidance necessary to achieve optimal shrimp production and maintain a healthy aquatic environment

Agricuture Products

Our advanced crop protection and nutrition solutions utilize cutting-edge GENETIC KEY FACTOR® Technology, which works to activate and enhance the genetic expression of crops, resulting in optimal growth and development

Disease Detection Service

We provide disease detection services for aquaculture farms using advanced diagnostic tools to identify and manage potential health risks to Aquatic Lives. Our service includes thorough examination, pathogen identification, and comprehensive reporting to enable informed decision-making. With our expertise, you can trust us to provide reliable and professional service to keep your farm running smoothly


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